Who am I?


A student from Taiwan who loves computer science.


Identicon Generator (Github-like)

An Identicon is an icon that contains a hash value representing part of your identity. Although it is not known how Github generates each user's Identicon, it's not too hard to make one. :-)

Windows MessageBox for Cmd

This is a Cmd tool, which is in fact just a Cpp wrapper, that utilizes the MessageBox WinAPI. It lets people create a pop-up message box with ease.

Trash - A rm replacement on Cygwin

Ever worried about accidentally deleting something and not being able to recover it? Here are the ways to replace the native rm with a safer version of deleting files via moving it to the Trash bin.

nano-4.8 (modified)

Now, Ctrl + Backspace can delete a word backwards! (which is already supported in most of the browsers, editors, file explorers, etc. Everywhere!) It's not officially supported on Ubuntu and most Linux platforms.